Rod and Margy Davies

We work together in the pottery.
We have been running our business for over 40 years but came to it from different directions.

Rod was born in Auckland 1949 and did his schooling there completing a Graphic Arts diploma at A.I.T and then travelled extensively overseas working in photography in London and then advertising in Auckland before heading to the Far North to try living a self sufficient life style … suited him and pottery enabled him to express his creativity and make ends meet.

‘I am an artist. I earn my living from my pottery. I have been potting for 40years…selling my work from our showroom at home, at exhibitions and galleries. I enjoy the sea, I love to sail and we have a small keeler yacht. I have wood working and engineering skills that help me live our simple country lifestyle.’

Margy was born in the Manawatu 1956 and after teachers college and a B.A. at Massey headed North with the same call to try living life in the Far suited her too especially when she found Rod and it was an easy choice to take up pottery as a vocation after a few years primary teaching. We have two children who have long left home but were helpful co workers during their school days and Uni holidays.

‘I enjoy living in the country and creating a peaceful and joyous home space. My special interests are organic gardening, the arts, reading and music. I enjoy working with my hands. I weave baskets from flax, work in our pottery and garden growing vegetables, flowers and fruit. I love music, good food and beautiful environments. I like to live simply. ‘

Together we seek to make lively elemental pottery that people can enjoy for its lasting beauty. We have a strong desire to make work that expresses the ancient and timeless quality of clay. Our inspiration comes from living in the rural Northland and having access to wonderful New Zealand beaches. Our lifestyle offers us enormous freedom to explore many creative paths.