Welcome to Fern Flat Pottery

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you find your way around the site easily and enjoy what we have on display. You are welcome to purchase through the website….just email us for more details regarding size,colour and cost.

Our work is also displayed in fifteen selected galleries throughout New Zealand. If you are in Northland we hope you can make a visit out to the pottery showroom  inland from Taipa in the Far North. We have a well worn trail out to our place with many signs to keep you coming in the 18km from the coast.Here are some details about the pottery.

The Fern Flat Pottery is built on the old Te Karoa School site on 72 Te Karoa Road in Fern Flat. It is a gentle, green and beautiful part of the Peria Valley.

For twenty years we produced domestic stoneware pottery and salt glazed pieces all thrown on a kick wheel using clay we mixed ourselves from local materials.We now specialise in  terracotta works and nearly all our work is hand built .